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tv   Action News  ABC  February 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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legedly brought to school and a magazine cover featuring scandal kerry washington is causing can't versey controversy next >> it is thursday night and the big story ob on "action news" tonight is a wind chill heading south of zero. bat on down the hatches it will be a cold night and cold
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tomorrow. meteorologist cecily tynan is liver at the big board. cecily. >> jim it's already quite cold. temperatures will drop and the winds will be a factor. forecasting a low of 11 in philadelphia. now if we hit that that will be the second coldest night this winter. back on january 8 we dropped down to 9. other areas will be even colder. the overnight low for trenton down to 8. reading 2. millville 10 and allentown zero and toms river new jersey you'll drop down to 7 and those are the temperatures not the wind chill. wind speed out of the northwest pulling down that cold air. 18 miles an hour in philadelphia 20 millville and 14 wilmington and allentown the wind speed 10 miles an hour. these are the current wind chills. feels like 2 in philadelphia and 3 millville and 4 trenton and reading and feels 1 degree below zero in allentown. morning commute will be brutal. we're looking at wind chills in
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northern suburbs 10 to 5 below zero. around philadelphia the wind chill dropping 0 to 5 below zero and south jersey and delaware looking at wind chills in single digits. we have one cold day and the things will change over the weekend. i'll talk about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast, jim. >> thank you cecily. please remember to download our free 6abc stromtracker app to take the accuweather forecast with you on the go. and see just how cold it will be for your day ahead. the answer to that is very. >> police tonight are searching home of child's family after police say the 13-year-old brought 16 bags of crack cocaine to school. he and three young boys had to go to the hospital today. life on the 5400 lock east wood terrace in philadelphia is "action news" reporter chad pradelli. chad the latest on this. >> reporteer: jim philadelphia police detectives wrapped up the search an hour ago. detectives tell me they did not
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find any other drugs in the homech the boy's mother says her son was innocent and didn't bring the drugs to school rather an 8-year-old did. as officers finished serving the boy's home on the 5400 block of eastwick terrace his mother dime his defense. >> my son doesn't have anything to do with it he's 1-year-old on this and clear. >> the 3-year-old brought the crack cocaine and allegedly gave them to 8-year-old in school bathroom. >> he asked the 8-year-old to hold the items after school and 8-year-old refused initialingly and then the 13-year-old placed items into his book bag. >> the 8-year-old went to class and showed classmates the drugs. one of them notified a school counselor. >> she shows one of the other 8-year-old friends the items and asked him to sniff it the kid sniffs it and asked a second kid to sniff it. >> did this 8-year-old make it
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up. >> yes he did. >> why. >> i have not the slightest idea. >> does your son know him. >> no he don't he got to the school he's a new student at the school. >> they found 8 bags of crack on the 8-year-old. and 8 more in a bathroom drain. all the children were evaluated at chop and are doing well though the 13-year-old allegedly tested positive for marijuana. detectives are trying to sort out how the teen got the drugs. >> we should all be disgusted that a 13-year-old is -- has come into possession of crack cocaine. and has the wherewithal to bring it to school. >> reporter: and mother of that 13-year-old boy acknowledges her son tested positive for marijuana. she said she is disappointed but says he had nothing to do with the crack. police say they'll conduct more interviews and eventually sort out who brought the crack to the school. in southwest philadelphia chad pradelli "channel 6 action news." >> thank you chad. it was altogether different kind of problem for two young
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students on the way to school today in trenton. girls fell through uncovered hole in the sidewalk along the 00 block of southard street and the little one was trapped 6 feet down. fortunately a crossing guard saw the girls slip open the ice and fell in and rescue came quickly. firefighters say the girls suffered only minor injuries and city officials say they had not received compliance about the whole from the vacantp building before. >> two philadelphia police officers were charged with police brutality specifically with aggravated assault. stemming from an incident almost two years ago and "action news" reporter sharee williams has the story. >> jim, it was surveillance video that turned the tables on this entire investigation. and it was the victim's girlfriend that went back to the scene and found out entire altercation was caught on camera those with extremes those with those
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are the screams of a young philadelphia man. >> the video undermined every aspect of the officer's account of the incident. >> the officers filed a report saying nagi rivera now 23 years old lost control of his scooter resist add rest and attacked one of them in 201 3. but watch as the patrol car runs rivera down. what happened next left rivera looking like this. once knocked from scooter the two officers can be seen beating them with ba top. >> another officer arrived at the scene and thought mr. rivera was shot because there was so much blood on the ground. >> now it's officers facing charges, shawn mcknight and kevin robinson were arrested and both face multiple assault charges and falsifying reports. it was rivera's girlfriend that found the video and da dropped all charges against rivera and he is glad to hear the officers have been arrested.
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>> very satisfied because that was something that was always pressing on him. how can this happen. how can i get beat up. but there was no consequences for the people that didto this to me. >> police tactics particularly i in minority communities became a national problem. >> it is painful embarassing and brings issues you see across the country. >> we have 6500 sworn members these guys do not represent the majority of police officers. >> both officers were suspended 30 days with intent to dismiss them from the forceal together. jim rivera was awarded $00,000 settlement for pain and suffering from the city. >> sharee, thank you. >> investigators at the scene of that horrific train crash tuesday night say warning signals, crossing gates and nearby traffic signals were working properly.
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six were killed when a metro north train crashed into suv which stopped on the tracks in highland, new york. one of the victims was drive of suv. the train was going 58 miles an hour in 60 mile an hour zone. acceptable. >> survivors of transasia crash in tie wab said something felt wrong where the moment they took off. 15 out of 58 on board lived to tell about it 11 remain missing including two pilot. even though the plane clipped it taxi during the deadly plunge the cab driver walked away. meanwhile while a family worried about unusual enginep noise report he edly switched seats on the plane 'decision that likely saved their lives. >> a fire in buckingham township in october of 01 cinches the deal for authorities. they charged a well known family and cohorts with $20 million in
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insurance fraud and tonight there's a tragic twist it appears the head of that family killed himself. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the story. >> police and paramedics rushed to the home in the 6800 block of daniel drive buckingham for report of man shot. they found a man dead outside the garage of apparentself inflicted gunshot wound to the throat. they identify him as 64-year-old thomas french husband of prominent mate receipt claire risaldi. he and five family members were charged against the attorney general in $0 million fraud scheme. a relative is said to have collapsed after hearing of the deaths and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. a grand jury on sony creek road was held october of 2013. it was third fire known a four-year period.
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grand jury report says insurance firms paid in excess of 0 million in connection with fires and they were seeking 20 million for 2013 fire and accused volunteer fight fighters who responded to fire of stealing jewelry worth millions. grand jury found that could be worse. they have a history of filing questionable. >> bucks da heckler that recuseed himself and turned it over to attorney general's office say they notified attorney general of latest developments and no dmrept canal lien kahne. dann cuellar "channel 6 action news". >> and still to come on "action news" tonight where is olivia pope when you need her? actress kerry washington is subject of real life pr scandal over this magazine cover. >> plus a runaway dog so cold he was frozen to the ground. you'll hear about his recovery and the new jersey rhoneer that
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would not give up cecily. >> it's brutally cold frontch the wind chill is 2 degrees and it will get colder for the morning commute. details in the accuweather forecast. >> we're joined tonight by health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman. >> jim we're talking about kids and sleep. many don't get enough sleep. local researchers are working with families and tracking kids sleeping habits and finding ways to help kids get more sleep. i'll have the strategies that work and how families can join a local sleep study. >> and jeff skversky with a fliers star taking first steps to come back from a medical scare. when "action news" continues in a moment scheme scheme
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>> one of the countries leading autism advocacy groups came out today to try to alleviate
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lingering concerns about the measles vaccination. the chief science officer of autism speaks says in a statement the results of this research are clear vaccinations do not cause autism and we urge all children be fully vaccinated there is a real danger of unvaccinated children contracting the highly contagious measles virus. officials found no link to disneyland outbreak for babies that came down with measles. you can't not get vaccine for 12 months and then 4 to 6. youngsters must rely on everybody else getting vaccinated what they call heard immunity. >> a special report, helping kids get enough sleep. local researchers are enrolling families and tracking kids sleeping habits and helping them get shuts eye. registered nurse ali gorman is
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here with the story. >> after of all school age kids are not getting enough sleep. it can affect their mood, performance and health in future. researchers at temple are stepping in to help. >> 11-year-old a.j. hardrick is not playing ordinary computer game. this one tests how quickly his mind is working. and it is part of temple university's project sleep kids study. aj recently went through it his mother says he is always struggled with getting sleep on time and waking up for school. >> it used to take two, three tries to get him up. >> his grades never suffered but he was often tired even while playing squash his favorite sport. researcher chantal heart says there's several reasons they don't get enough sleep including after school activities, sports, homework tv and video games.
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>> all these different daytime activities creep into the amount of time available for sleep. >> kids 8 to 11 are supposed to get 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night. during the study kid you sleep is measured. aj shows us the ak sellerometer and heart tracker the data is printed and analyzed. >> we can estimate kind of when sleep starts and when it ends and we also use other information that the family shares with us diaries as well. >> games are used to see how sleep or lack of it affects their thinking. families are then given personalizeed instructions on how to increase kids' sleep. for aj he had to be consistent with bedtime set 10 hours before wake time and had to establish bedtime routine with no screens and kids may also need toe cut caffeine. >> hardest part was going to sleep early.
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i don't like going to sleep early. >> he says he got used to it and it started paying off of. >> i say aj. >> he said good night i'm going to sgleep you get puzzles. >> good sleep, hygiene is also rewarded in this study with prize. >> whenever we change behavior we try to kind of reinforce that behavior change. >> but the best prize for aj and family now waking up is no longer a challenge. and his energy level she soaring. >> it turned his body to own personal alarm clock. >> i can go all day. i can run and run and run and run. >> and to be eligible for the study your child must be 8 to 11 and sleep 9 1/2 hours or less a night and the study takes two months and requires four appointments and several phone calls and we have more information and the number on one more tip for parents dr. one more tip for parents dr. hart says it doesn't have to
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happen overnight. increasing sleep gradually is best and even 15 to 30 minutes can mack a big difference. >> when school bus comes quarter of 7 in the morning as it does fora lot of kids, it's hard to go to bed early enough the night before to get a full -- >> it's a problem he would count backwards ten hours and got used to it. >> thank you. >> got to be disciplined. >> thank you allie. >> after months of warnings radio shack pulled plug today declaring bankruptcy. electronics researchers say it will shut down 4,000 locations and sprint says it may open many shops in many stores radio shack was founded in boston as a parts supplier for radio enthusiasts. it has not turned a profit since
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2011. >> scandal star kerry washington is subject of a magazine cover controversy. this is the march edition of in style magazine which many critics portrays actress with lighter skin tone than naturalself compare for example to this video instyle posted behind the scenes of photo shoot. it did not digitally lighten her complexion it could be due to photographerry. he editors went on to say they consider feedback valuable and will influence how they present all women going forward. as for washington her saevrl she's thrilled to be on the cover and thanked instyle for opening up the conversation. >> cecily tynan with accuweather forecast. it will be chilly in the morning. >> it will be very cold tomorrow wind chills below zero for most of the viewing area. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we don't have to worry about precipitation tonight. nothing is falling from the sci.
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in fact pretty much cloud free. the action cam was taking a look up at nearly a full moon this is waning bib ones coming off full moon last night 96% visible tonight and it's indication of how clear the skies are. with clear skies and with winds out of the northwest it's cooling off quickly. currently in philadelphia, down to 18. millville. wilmington and dover it's 19. trenton 1 4 reading also 14. allentown currently 12. compare this to 24 hours ago. what a change. we're 23 degrees colder in philadelphia than this time last night. 24 colder in trenton than this time last night and then you factor in the winds and the way it feels the wind chill two in philadelphia and three at the atlantic city airport and three lancaster and 1 below zero allentown and 4 in trenton and reading. satellite 6 and action radar showing the good news is eastern
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half of country is clear for most part. high pressure building in. what this will do is bring us sunshine tomorrow, dry conditions. but it will be coiled. future tracker showing 7:30 before you step outside throw on extra layers. wind chill one below in philadelphia. four below in trenton. millville 3. reading and allentown wind chill more than 10 below zero and even in the afternoon it's going to be very frigid. wind chill 20 in the afternoon. 33 in the afternoon high. lot of sunshine. that sunshine will not help warm things up at all. heading to saturday a property sags from the north. what this will do is usher in flow out of south. we warm up dramatically. mixture of clouds and sunshine and 46. >> heading into sunday the stationary front will set up further north. so that means we'll likely have whole day or at least most of the day rain fry just clouds and snow developing across northern
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new england and vermont and new hampshire. as we head through sunday night and monday low pressure develops along the front and intensifies and pulls in moisture. it looks like it will pull in warm air. philadelphia and areas south likely will be mainly rain event. far northern suburbs this is where we could see a mixture of some sleet and freezing rain on monday. monday could be another very messy day. we had a string of messy mondays. the exclusive accuweather forecast. high 10 below normal and mid 40s saturday. sunday mostly cloudy, 42. that rain moving in sunday night to monday again philadelphia and areas south that wintry mix to the north. tuesday we clear things out, 37, wednesday increasing clouds. 33. and thursday, lots of clouds, stays cold high of 38. good idea before you step outside tomorrow morning tune into "action news" beginning 4:30 david murphy will let you
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know how cold it is where you live. you may not want to get out of bed. >> it's always a good idea. >> but especially tomorrow. >> a 6-year-old german sherperd is on the road to recovery after a heroing week in the brutal cold. river escaped from his home in allentown, new jersey and became lost. he was finally found yesterday starving dehydrated and frozen to the ground. he lost 0 pounds during those days. and his owner did not give up. deena albarano found him five miles from home. river is not out of the woods yet but certainly on his way.
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>> flyers on ice tonight and potentially good news on the medical front. >> kimmo timonen will assess a come back and play after all. after missing all season with blood clots in lupingz and right leg timonen will skate on his own for first time in eight months. he's no longer a serious risk but still no timetable when he'll play his first game. steve mason out. fights with islanders looking for fifth straight win. second period. chris vandervelde makes it 2-0 flyers and eye landersers score two goals. tied at two and flyers need a
11:29 pm
goal here to keep this alive. shawn catoria denied. first loss in 2 1/2 weeks when they lost it these guys. flyers nine back of a playoff spot. >> i'm not going to figure and i plame it on off. to me the game is there and we let a point slip away. that's it. >> tonight's game slips away after every flyers win this season the team honors a fallen soldier from bucks county and after every win the flyers award this army hat to a player that shows most kurm and lays it on the line for his team. it's a tribute to doylestown native i kobe umbrage bra that died in iraq nearly 8 years ago. >> what he did to sacrifice his life for a greater cause living on in the hat. something simple as a sat has much larger meaning and something that flyers
11:30 pm
organization is very proud to carry on. >> anyone that loss as i child they have to go through the receipt of their lives and learn to deal with it and one of the good things about this is that you know colby is constantly being honored. >> too bad they didn't get to wear the hat tonight. >> with spring train around the corner check out what ryan howard is doing when we come
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lasalle going for third straight against richmond. jerell wright what a move in post. is he pumped or what. lasalle winds 64-6 third
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straight we caught one phillies first baseman ryan howard signing copies of his new children's book little rhino alongside his wife and spring training two weeks away two weeks from today writing is on the wall that the phillies are trying to move on from ryan howard. >> magicson, scott foley and music from magic. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- earvin "magic" johnson. from "scandal," scott foley. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from magic! with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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